We are located in Estonia in the Läänecountry in Hanila. Its 10 km away from Virtsu and operate mainly at the Hanila museum.

The Society is founded in 2007. In February, when we became a NGO Hanila Laulu- ja Mänguselts. In our society is 30 people, who are divided into three groups - singers, dancers and musicians (chapel). We show you songs and dances of the Western Estonia, as elsewhere.

We have participated in a great variety of events - starting with, for example from Midsummer to folklorefestivals, yet we have gone through the wedding and played one of the wedding, which was a histories Western Estonia wedding demonstration just as it ever was.

If someone has the desire to invite us to modify some of the fun of the event itself, then all offers are welcome, we are at your place. :)